How do I remove iCloud from my iPhone?

Full instructions on how to remove your iCloud can be found on Apple's website here. Please ensure your iCloud is removed before sending your device to us or payment could be significantly delayed. Should we receive an iPhone which is iOS locked, we will be in contact to ask you to remove it remotely.

How long is the price offered valid for?

Unlike most recyclers, the price we offer for your iPhone stays valid for up to 30 days from the date in which the order was placed - providing we receive your iPhone in the condition declared.

My iPhone is broken or faulty, can I still sell it with The Phone Collector?

Yes of course! We accept most iPhones regardless of their condition. Providing your device turns on and is not water damaged, we'll happily purchase your iPhone. Be sure to select the correct option when discovering your price.

Do you accept iPhones which are lost or stolen?

We will never accept an iPhone which has been reported as lost or stolen.  We check each iPhone we receive against the CheckMEND database before issuing payment. If we receive a reported lost or stolen iPhone, we must carry out the legal obligations as per our terms and conditions.

I have additional accessories, should I send these also?

Still have your box, charger or a case? We'll gladly recycle these for you. Simply place them in the postage kit you receive.

I've sent my iPhone to The Phone Collector, what happens next?

You are now very close to receiving payment. We simply assess your iPhone to check it's in the condition stated and providing all is above board, we aim to issue payment automatically within 24 hours of receiving your device.  If however we discover the iPhone is in a different condition to that declared, we will be in touch with a revised offer for your consideration. If you reject this offer, we will send your device back to you free of charge.

I'd like my device returned, is this possible?

We only send iPhones back where customers have rejected our revaluation. If this is the case, we will dispatch your device within 2-3 working days. 

Do you accept devices which are locked to a specific network?

Yes definitely! Simply click the network your iPhone is locked to within the product page and our price will adjust accordingly. 

I accidently left my SIM card in my iPhone, can you return this?

We always check that SIM cards have been removed. Unlike some other recyclers, we will gladly contact you and if you would like the SIM card returned, we will send this in the post  for a small admin fee.

How do I send you my iPhone?

During the selling process, you will be given the option of choosing between us sending you a delivery pack, printing your own pre-paid labels or arrange postage yourself. If receiving one of our packs, simply place your iPhone in the protective packaging provided and place in the jiffy bag. For those who are printing a pre-paid label, simply place your iPhone in secure packaging and stick your postage label on the front. Once packaged, simply take it to your local Post Office to send to us free of charge.

I've not received my postage pack, what happens now?

If you have not received your postage pack within three working days of placing your sales order, simply let us know by using the contact form here and we'll gladly send you another.

Is postage free?

Yes, providing you've selected to receive our postage pack or to print your own labels, it will be free for you to send your iPhone to us. If you select to arrange your own delivery, we will not cover the postage costs to send us your iPhone.

Do I need to send chargers, boxes or any other accessories?

If preferred, we're happy to take any chargers, boxes or accessories you may have for your iPhone. Simply pop them in the jiffy bag with your iPhone. Please note that sending us anything additional items will not affect the price quoted.

Should I send a SIM card with my iPhone?

No, you are not required to send us your SIM card and we strongly advise removing this from your iPhone before sending your device. If you have forgotten to remove the SIM and require this back, we'll gladly return it to you, however this may require a small postage fee.

How do I know when my iPhone has arrived?

You will be able to track your iPhone via the Royal Mail website here - make sure you've made a note of the tracking number!  We will also email you on the day we receive your iPhone for additional peace of mind.

How do I receive payment?

We will transfer your payment to you via the bank details provided during the sales process. Upon assessment, providing your device condition is as described, we aim to make payment within 24 hours of receiving your iPhone.

How long until my payment has been processed?

We aim to make payment within 24 hours of receiving your iPhone providing your device is as described upon assessment. Funds are usually in your account within hours however please note that this can vary depending on your bank provider. For reference, all payments will be under the company name of PN Tech Limited who are registered on Companies House in England and Wales.